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To qualify as a “Lemon” under the Arizona Lemon Law, your vehicle must have either four repairs for the same issue or 30 total days in the repair shop under warranty. Of course, it’s easy to get frustrated when you have to take your vehicle into the repair shop over and over again, or if it’s in the shop forever without actually fixing the problem.   

But to prove your vehicle is a Lemon, you need more than frustration. You need evidence. Follow these tips every time you take your vehicle in for repair: 

        Be kind. 

You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar! Staying polite and respectful will help your case and the dealer will be more inclined to take your concerns seriously.  

        Get records, every single time. 

If you don’t have written evidence, it’s your word against theirs. Make sure you never leave the dealership without a repair record that shows the date you took it in and picked it up.  

       Make sure your records are accurate. 

Take the time to look over your repair invoice and make sure the date is correct and all your concerns are recorded, even if nothing was found or no work was performed. Without written evidence, it can be difficult to prove a Lemon Law claim.   

       Take your Lemon vehicle in every time you have a repair issue. 

For repair issues, you should continue to take the vehicle into the shop until it’s fixed. No matter how frustrating it is to be without your vehicle, the more repairs, the stronger your Lemon Law claim. All things considered, you don’t have a claim if you don’t have any repairs!  

       Don’t talk about your case with the dealer. 

A Lemon Law claim is against the manufacturer, not the dealer. As a result, don’t threaten attorneys or the Lemon Law, or the dealer might not want to work on your vehicle anymore.  

If you’ve had warranty repairs, don’t wait! You may be entitled to relief under the Arizona Lemon Law. For more information, complete our Free Evaluation Form on our website, or speak with an experienced Hammer Lemon Law attorney at (480) 480-1014.