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When most people buy a new or newer used vehicle, they only focus on the price.  Dealerships know this, but rarely offer good deals.  Instead, they markup vehicles as much as possible and offer seasonal discounts and incentives that are nothing more than smoke and mirrors—tricks to get people interested so their salespeople can do what they do best—SELL!  They find clever ways to take advantage of consumers so the discounted price is never what you actually end up paying “out the door.”  They assure you if there’s any issues with the vehicle, their service department will repair it and never leave you stranded.  But what really happens when your vehicle breaks down?

It all depends on what’s in your warranty.  Very few manufacturer warranties include any coverage whatsoever for loaner or rental vehicles when your vehicle is in the shop.  Dealerships certainly don’t advertise this.  Once they have you hooked and ready to buy, they use it for leverage to upsell you for an extended warranty or service contract for “added protection and peace of mind,” and many people fall for the trap.  The dealer’s dirty little secret is in the fine print, of course!  The truth is most of these additional warranties do not include full coverage for rental or loaner vehicles no matter how long your vehicle may be broken down or how many times it needs repair work.

If you’re lucky, the dealer will provide a complimentary loaner at no cost.  But if your vehicle requires an extended stay or is brought back to the shop repeatedly for more and more repairs, many times they’ll demand you return their loaner or not even offer one in the first place.  If you purchased an extended warranty or service contract that provides for at least partial reimbursement of rental car expenses, you’ll be asked to pay up front and get reimbursed later, which many people simply cannot afford.  That puts consumers in a bind, and when they reach out for legal advice, they’re shocked to learn the Lemon Law does not require the dealer to provide loaner vehicles no matter how long their vehicle is broken down.

So what can you do to protect yourself?  The Lemon Law only works if you take advantage of it, and the sooner, the better.  When it comes to filing a Lemon Law claim, TIME IS YOUR ENEMY!  The sooner you contact an attorney to review your case, the sooner you can get rid of your Lemon.  Don’t expect the dealer to make it right.  They make their money on the sales floor, not in the repair shop.  If anything, they’ll use your troubles as a sales opportunity and offer you another “great deal” on a trade so they can take advantage of you all over again.  Don’t wait and don’t take the bait!  Contact us today for a Free Case Review, get rid of your Lemon, and get back on the road.